Bachelor’s degree

38.03.03. Personnel administration


Personnel administration of organization and civil service

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At present the state authorities and big local businesses are constantly experiencing an urgent need in the field of high-quality, professional and efficient management of human resources. This actualizes training of new generation professionals with innovative thinking, practical knowledge and analytical skills required for HR management.

Admission is carried out on the basis of secondary education as well as on the Russian Russian unified state exam results evaluated on a hundred-point scale (Mathematics (profile), Russian, Social Studies), and (or) based on the results of entrance tests conducted by the Academy independently. Based on the secondary vocational or higher education – on the basis of the results of entrance examinations. Foreign citizens shall pass entrance exams.



Training of bachelors capable to solve successfully a set of strategic and operational tasks of HR management of an organization and public service based on scientific achievements and best practices in this field of professional activity in a competitive environment in the manufacturing sector, state and municipal administration, and the service sector.


Training of competitive and competent professionals in the field of management activities related to HR management, capable and ready to work independently, professional, research and creative activities demanded by government bodies and business structures.

Competences and advantages


Priority of the program is the formation of integrated understanding among students about the system 8 of HR management of the organization and public service as well as practical skills required to fulfill functional duties.

Our graduates acquire the following competencies:

  • Know the basics of strategic HR management, HR planning, HR marketing and know how to put them into practice.
  • Know the basic methods and means of obtaining, storing and processing information.
  • Able to carry out business communication: public speaking, negotiations, meetings, business correspondence, electronic communications.
  • Able to identify problems of a socio-psychological nature in the analysis of specific situations, propose ways to solve them and evaluate the expected results.
  • Committed to ethical values: respect human dignity, honest, open, fair, decent, friendly, tolerant.

* It is possible to participate in mobility program.
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Anna Brezhneva

Anna Brezhneva

Program Director

Candidate of social Sciences. Docent.
Associate Professor of the Department of personnel management .
Ruslan Korchagin

Ruslan Korchagin

Scientific adviser

Candidate of Technical Sciences.
Acting director of IPACS RANEPA. Head of Department of Computer Studies and Applied Mathematics. Acting Chairman of the Academic Council . Associate Professor of Department of Computer Studies and Applied Mathematics.
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