Master’s degree

38.04.04. State and municipal administration


Security of Interfaith and Interethnic Relations



“Security of Interfaith and Interethnic Relations” program in the direction of State and Municipal Administration (SMA) is addressed to people with specialized higher education and   intention to engage in project activities in various institutions (ministries, agencies, bodies of the federal, regional and municipal levels), who are to deal with the problems of security of interfaith and interethnic relations.

The mission of the program is to train specialists in managing processes in the interfaith and interethnic environment, implementing projects and programs for harmonizing ethno-confessional and state-confessional relations, taking into account the religious and national policies of the state and structure of the civil society.

Entrance exams: exam in the form of testing in the basic discipline in the one hundred-point system.

Competences and advantages

  • Training of specialists for the structures of state power and management (federal, regional, municipal levels) in the field of interfaith and interethnic relations.
  • Mastering skills of constructive interaction with religious organizations, ethno-national and cultural minorities.
  • Work on the prevention of religious and national conflicts.
  • Counteraction to religious and political extremism, tolerance formation.

Preparation of graduates for solving professional problems in the areas of:

  • monitoring of the ethno-religious situation in the country and making forecasts of its development;
  • development of programs for strengthening and harmonizing interfaith and interethnic relations at different levels (federal, regional, local), and tolerance formation;
  • analysis and substantiation of the effectiveness of programs for strengthening stability in the ethno-confessional sphere.

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