Bachelor’s degree

38.03.04. State and municipal administration


Domestic Politics and Leadership

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Program mission: Training of political leaders and managers capable of ensuring the organization and effective operation of state authorities and local authorities taking into account legislative requirements and using innovative management technologies.

Program Objectives:
Personnel training for the system of state and municipal government, possessing the necessary competencies for the implementation of professional functions in the field of domestic politics, both as political technologists (administrators, organizers and coordinators of political processes), and as political leaders.
Admission is carried out on the basis of secondary general education in accordance with the Unified State Exam (USE) results (mathematics (major), russian, social studies) assessed on a hundred-point scale, and (or) according to the results of entrance tests conducted by the Academy independently. On the basis of secondary vocational or higher education admission is based on the results of entrance examinations.

Competences and advantages

Long-standing traditions of personnel training for government authorities.
• The teaching staff with extensive pedagogical experience and  work experience in government authorities.
• Participation in the events of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
• Participation in a scientific study of the development of the system of state and municipal government, political processes.
• Learning a second foreign language (French, German, Spanish, Italian).
• Continuing studies at any of the master’s programs at the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) of RANEPA, the possibility of postgraduate studies after the master’s program.
• Participation in election campaigns, both as a member of the headquarters and as a person nominated for an elected position.
• Career in federal state bodies, authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local governments, international organizations, large state corporations and business structures.
• Participation in expert and research activities.

Competencies of graduates:

  • Knowledge and deep understanding of the conditions, factors and mechanisms of the formation of domestic politics.
    • Analysis of political personalities.
    • Ability to apply the technologies of political management and organization of political campaigns, management of public opinion and mood, both in ordinary and in extreme situations.
    • Public speaking skills and ability to conduct the negotiation process.
    • Diagnostics, examination of the situation in order to determine the effectiveness of management.
    • Organization of social and political events.
    • Formation and promotion of the image of a political leader and his team in public opinion.
    • Understanding the legal system of the Russian Federation and the proper application of the rule of law.
    • Ability to represent the interests of public authorities of the Russian Federation in cooperation with civil society institutions, the general public and in the international arena.

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