Bachelor’s degree

38.03.04. State and municipal administration


Politics and Law (Russian-Spanish program with advanced level of foreign languages)

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IPACS recruits students for the educational co-program with University of Valencia (Spain) “Politics and Law” (with advanced level of foreign languages).

Foreign languages for study: English and Spanish.

Development of the program in the direction of “State and municipal administration” is justified by the need to prepare globally competitive personnel, quality and efficiency changes of preparing personnel of state and municipal management, ensuring of international, intergovernmental and inter-parliamentarian cooperation, Russia’s participation in integration associations.

Admission is based on the secondary education exams results measured by a scale of one hundred points of the unified state exam (mathematics (profile), Russian, foreign language). On the basis of vocational secondary or higher education – according to the results of entrance tests.

Competences and advantages

  • In-depth study of legislative disciplines, international law, international experience in public administration, political systems and cultures.
  • In-depth study of two foreign languages.
  • Experience in studying abroad (University of Valencia) and experience in intercultural communication.
  • Practice in government and international organizations.
  • Training of managers capable of providing effective state and municipal management on the basis of law and the best Russian and international management practices, capable of conducting interstate projects and implementing international agreements.

An essential factor in increasing competitiveness and demand on the labor market is the study of two foreign languages ​​provided in the program and combination of training features for state and municipal managers and lawyers, political scientists.

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