Bachelor’s degree

38.03.04. State and municipal administration


Public and media relations in public and municipal administration

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Head of the program – Lidov Petr Alexeevich.

The aim of this program is to prepare the students to work in the field of State and Municipal Administration and, more precisely, in the Public Relations section of the field.

The students will acquire not only the professional skills and the knowledge requested to work in this field, but also the capacity to manage information processes, interact with the media and learn the techniques required for creating a positive image, brand and reputation.  Our graduates are in demand in the media of federal authorities, in leading Russian media holdings, as well as in public relations divisions in major commercial companies.

The admission to this course is based on your secondary education and on your results of Russian unified state exam (mathematics, Russian language, foreign language), and/or on results of the entrance tests conducted by the Academy itself. If you have a professional or a higher education, you will also have to take an entrance test.

Competences and advantages


  • A Bachelor’s degree in State and Municipal Administration
  • Professional area – Public Relations
  • A fundamental theoretical knowledge
  • A unique system of master-classes
  • The course is taught by famous researchers and professionals in the field
  • Practice-oriented program
  • Full-time and disnatce-learning courses
  • A wide base of internships


  • Government departments:

Press services of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the State Duma and the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Government of Moscow, the Administration of the Moscow Region, etc.

  • Commercial organisations:

Public Relations Units at PJSC Megafon, LLC Rosgosstrakh, PJSC Sberbank of Russia, Philip Morris International, Communication Group of MediaPartner Companies.

  • Associations:

International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Moscow House of Nationalities, etc.


The graduates will be able to:

  • Structure information, develop cognitive models, scenarios and development strategies of the organization (region) in which they will work.
  • Have the capacity to identify, formulate, conceptualize and operationalize problems in the field of management.
  • Form and take decisions, formulate and evaluate alternative recommendations, organize monitoring of the effectiveness of decisions made.
  • Organize the collection and statistical analysis of information in the field of management.
  • Use various methods of information-analytical data processing, work with modern specialized software packages.

* It is possible to take part in various international programs.
A complete list of foreign partners and our possibilities you can find
at the following link.

Maria Soulimenkova (Pleshchitzer)

Maria Soulimenkova (Pleshchitzer)

Program coordinator

Candidate of social Sciences.
Director of programs at the faculty of journalism .
Sergey Ryumshin

Sergey Ryumshin

Program coordinator

Candidate of social Sciences.
Associate Professor of the Department of Public Relations and Media Policy.
Felix Sharkov

Felix Sharkov

Scientific supervisor

Doctor of social Sciences. Professor. Honored scientist of the Russian Federation. Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation. Member of the Union of journalists of Russia.
Head of Department of Public Relations and Media Policy. Professor of the Department of Public Relations and Media Policy. Deputy Dean of the faculty of journalism .
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