Master’s degree

38.04.03. Personnel administration


Public Service and Corporate Personnel Management

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The program is intended to train professionals who are able to effectively implement the technological support of personnel management, to develop strategies and mechanisms for the implementation of personnel policy based on professional and personal competencies in the organizational and managerial activities of state bodies and business structures.

Recruitment and training of specialists in the field of Human Resources Management (direction– Human Resource Management for Public Service and Corporations) are carried out by the Human Resources Department of the Faculty of Personnel Management and Public Administration at the Institute of Public Service and Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Professional activity of the graduate in this profile can be exercised in federal public authorities, in government bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, in local governments, and also in non-profit and other organizations in positions of relations with government bodies and citizens, etc.

Entrance testing: an exam in the format of a test in the profile discipline on a hundred-point scale system.

Competences and advantages

Competitive advantages of the program:

  • Practical issues of personnel management are considered (30% theory + 70% practical application).
  • The combination of successful practical experience and professional knowledge; a unique teaching staff and a team of professionals from the business environment (20% of teachers are practitioners with extensive experience and long-time career history).
  • Active use of latest training technologies and interactive teaching.
  • Master classes on modern trends in personnel management.
  • Opportunity of practical training in government bodies and business structures.
  • The combination of practical training and research work developing professional analytical skills.
  • Convenient training schedule that allows students to combine study and work effectively: on weekdays classes are held in the evening.

The competences of a graduate:

  • Analytical, systematic and strategic vision of formation and development of managerial processes.
  • Subject knowledge in the field of personnel management.
  • Knowledge of innovative practices in the development and application of personnel strategies and technologies, professional development of personnel in the light of information and communication technologies and automation of HR processes.
  • Organizing managerial activity in the development of the modern personnel management system for public service and corporations.

Program Structure (thematic clusters):

  • Professional Unit
  • Social and Economic Unit
  • Information and Analytical Unit

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