Master’s degree

38.04.04. State and municipal administration


Organization and Management in Public Health Service

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The program is offered by the Faculty of Government Control of the Economy.

The mission of the master program ‘The Organization and Management in Public Health Service’ for the master’s degree in ‘State and Municipal Administration’  (SMA) consists in the training of managers capable of ensuring normative and legal  development,  organizational and economic support and implementation of the state policy at different levels of management in the area of public health service, innovative state, municipal and corporate programs and projects in the public health service taking into account the international and domestic experience.

The purpose of the Program:

Formation of the whole picture of the state and municipal governance and its specifics in the sphere of health service including the sphere of medical aid and service on the basis of social services as well as training in the practical skills of organizational and managerial, administrative, technological and project activity in health service.

Program objectives:

  • ensuring vocational training of graduate students for the system of the state and municipal administration in the sphere of public health service;
  • ensuring  legal education of managers focused on professional activity in the state and municipal authorities as well as in the organizations of  different forms of ownership connected with the area of public health service;
  • systematization and integration of knowledge in regards to the problems of management, normative and legal regulation, economy and finance in the area of public health service, including health service at the federal, regional, municipal, corporate levels;
  • ensuring  theoretical and practical training in the field of personnel policy and human resource management in the area of public health service;
  • developing practical skills of the program and target management, of expert and design activity in the area of public health service; theoretical and practical training for administrative activity focused on improving the quality and service culture in the health sector.


Competences and advantages

The program is based on the Federal state educational standard of higher education for the students pursuing a master’s degree in the field of study 38.04.04 ‘State and Municipal Administration’ (SMA) (Master’s Degree) (The Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of  November 26, 2014 No 1518). It is also based on       a longstanding experience of the Department of Labor and Social Policy of the Academy in training personnel for social spheres.

The training of the students in the master’s programme is based on the integrated approach to the organization and management of public health service; application of modern methods and instruments of management, taking into account specifics of the state, municipal and corporate governance, with the focus on strategic goals and long-term planning  of the organizations of public health service, including primary link; the training also involves mastery of the best practices.

Upon  completion of the program, there is an opportunity to continue education in the postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Graduates of the programme have the following competences:

  • The competence to manage the organization and its personnel taking into account the peculiarities of the public health service, the type of the institution and the type of activity.
  • Competences of carrying out representative social researches and monitoring social environment and public opinion, interests, preferences and expectations of the target audience during the assessment of the condition of the system of public health service and provision of services by individual industries and complexes as well as by institutions.
  • Ability to generate ideas, to develop concepts of target programs and projects, strategies and programs of long-term development.
  • Skills of interaction with various power and management structures, of communication  with the representatives of business and civil society for the creation and implementation of projects and programs in the sphere of public health service.
  • Ability to analyze the normative and legal documents, projects and programs in certain areas of public health service.
  • Ability to evaluate performance results and effectiveness of the organizations in the system of public health service, of commercial and non-profit domestic and foreign enterprises involved in the  public health service.

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