Bachelor’s degree

38.03.04. State and municipal administration


Civil and Municipal Service

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The program is intended for those students who:

  • connect life and professional activities with the Russian Federation
  • are ready to dive into the unique educational environment of the Presidential Academy
  • are interested in personal and professional growth
  • are able to conquer new heights in life and profession
  • possess basic skills and aim to master new knowledge, skills.

The program provides not only serious theoretical knowledge, but also helps to create own individual models of career development, equips with the required tools to start effective work in the state and local authorities, leads to professional success and well-being.

Basics of study:

  • study at the expense of the federal budget
  • fee-based education

Admission is carried out on the basis of secondary education on the basis of Russian unified state exam results assessed on a one-point scale: mathematics (profile), Russian language, foreign language and (or) based on the results of entrance tests conducted by the Academy independently. On the basis of secondary vocational or higher education – based on the results of entrance examinations.

About the program:

  • seven themed blocks
  • authorial programs of subjects
  • individual approach to each student
  • practice-oriented training.

Form and period of study:

  • Full-time study.
    Classes in the first and second courses – from 9.00 to 14.00, in the third and fourth courses – from 14.00 to 19.00.

* It is possible to take part in various international programs.
A complete list of foreign partners and our possibilities you can find
at the following link.

Competences and advantages


Formed competencies:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Planning, rational use of work time and achievement of results
  • Effective communications
  • Effective planning, management and control
  • Ability to make management decisions quickly and implement them
  • Ability to carry out legal regulation and formulate state policy
  • Effective implementation of control and supervision activities
  • Ability to provide public municipal services
  • Ability to model administrative processes and procedures in public authorities
  • Ability to apply information and communication technologies in professional activities with a vision of their interconnections and prospects of use
  • Ability to participate in the development and implementation of the concept of HR policy and HR planning of a public authority

Program Emphasis

  • development of competencies in accordance with the qualification requirements for state and municipal employees;
  • variable part of the program is focused on solving modern problems of public administration;
  • integrative nature of acquired knowledge, skills.


  • if you successfully present the graduation qualification (bachelor’s) thesis, you can get a recommendation for admission to the master’s program
  • assistance in publication of the results of scientific research
  • the opportunity to complete an internship in Federal, regional, and local authorities.


  • legal regulation and public policy development
  • implementation of control and supervision activities
  • providing for state service
  • implementation of Executive and administrative functions


Main professional area of the graduates:

  • public authorities and management
  • local government
  • management in state and municipal institutions, enterprises and organizations
  • research and educational organizations
  • public and international organizations


Lydia Pribytkova

Lydia Pribytkova

Program Director

Candidate of social Sciences. Docent.
Associate Professor of the Department of public service and personnel policy .
Julia Kamasheva

Julia Kamasheva

Tutor of the program

Leading specialist of the faculty of personnel management and public service .
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