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The Faculty of International and Regional Research IPACS, RANEPA (Institute of public administration and Civil Service, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) starts a new recruitment for the Educational program “Russian Studies”. This program is aimed at international students who want to receive more knowledge about Russia history, geography and culture peculiarities, about the economy and foreign policy strategy, as well as regional features.

The program is divided into several tracks depending on the set of disciplines.
Students can choose one of the tracks or take both.

Period of study:

  • 1 track: 09.14.2020–24.10.2020 (history, culture, geography of Russian regions)
  • 2 track: 10.26.2019 – 12.24.2020 (geopolitics and geoeconomics of Russia)

Classes: 8 academic hours per week (Tuesday, Thursday, 19.00–22.00)

Tuition: 50 000 rub / track

The acquired competence – knowledge of the features of the regions of Russia

Language of instruction – English


The faculty of international and regional research of IPACS is:

Application for training

Competences and advantages

The classes I am taking in the university are taught in English, which are making me to significantly improve the language. However, I am currently also taking Russian classes which have helped me to adapt faster and to better communicate with the native people of the country. One of my desires for the future is to improve my Russian as much as possible in order to be able to speak it fluently.

During the classes we discussed various topics, but what I like the most is that from these discussions I could take different point of views since we were mixed with students from different countries, such as France, Italy and Russia. Furthermore, we have been trained to make research and to speak in public by making several presentations each week.

Mora Ayuso Aida, University of Valencia, Spain

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