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40.00.01. Jurisprudence


Novels of the obligations law

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The program is aimed at a detailed and systematic consideration of topical issues of law of obligations, taking into account the latest changes in civil law and judicial practice. The program will analyze in detail the latest changes in the general provisions on obligations and contracts, new rules on transactions, pledges, assignments and transfer of debt, as well as problematic issues of obligations from unjust enrichment.

The program of the course was prepared taking into account the provisions of the Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 25 of 23.06.2015 “On the application by the courts of some provisions of Section I of Part One of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation”.

Students will receive both answers to their pressing questions, and practical advice on choosing the most effective legal instruments in various situations.


  • The program is considered open when recruiting 15 or more people.
  • The cost of training does not include the cost of travel, accommodation and meals for students.


Competences and advantages


The course program provides for the consideration of the following issues:

  • Law of Obligations Reform: General Description
  • General provisions on obligations
  • Execution of obligations
  • Enforcement of obligations
  • Pledge reform
  • Change of persons in commitment
  • Termination of obligations
  • New rules on transactions: general characteristics and analysis of recent changes
  • General provisions on contracts, taking into account amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation
  • Agreement conclusion
  • Modification and termination of the agreement
  • Obligations from unjust enrichment
  • Responsibility for failure to fulfill an obligation

Listener categories:

  • Lawyers
  • Practicing lawyers
  • Heads of companies of various organizational and legal forms
  • State and municipal employees
  • Representatives of public corporations


  • Denis Novak – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Actual State Counselor of Justice of the Russian Federation, 3rd class.
  • Anna Sirotkina – Candidate of Legal Sciences, State Counselor of Justice of the 2nd class.
  • Mikhail Tserkovnikov – State Counselor of Justice of the 2nd class, Master of Private Law.

Vladimir Zaytsev

Vladimir Zaytsev

Academic supervisor

Doctor of Legal Sciences. Professor. Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation. Member of the All-Russian public organization Association of Russian Lawyers.
Director of Centre for Economic Justice. Professor of the for Legal Support of Market Economy.
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