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40.00.01. Jurisprudence


Legal aspects of the activities of teachers of higher education

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The program is aimed at a systematic and comprehensive consideration of legal issues related to the pedagogical, scientific and labor activities of higher school teachers.

The course will allow students to get acquainted with the main provisions of the legislation on education, as well as get recommendations on the development of educational programs at different levels, methods of conducting classes, and the implementation of scientific guidance for dissertation research.

The course will address issues of labor law, in particular, the peculiarities of labor relations between teachers and universities, the introduction of an effective contract, a mechanism for the legal protection of labor rights of teachers.

The program also provides for the study of the main provisions of the legislation in the field of protecting the rights of teachers to the results of their intellectual activity: articles, lectures, monographs, inventions.



Professors, researchers and heads of higher educational institutions, graduate students, civil servants, and other interested persons.

Competences and advantages


The course program provides for the consideration of the following issues:

  • trends in the development of the legislation of the Russian Federation on higher professional education;
  • methodology for constructing educational programs of higher professional education based on Federal State Educational Standard 3 and Federal State Educational Standard 3+;
  • global trends in the introduction of computer technologies in the educational process;
  • preparation and protection of dissertations on competition of scientific degrees: legal aspects;
  • labor relations with University teachers. Introduction of an effective contract;
  • protection of labor rights of teachers by trade unions;
  • protection of intellectual property in the field of scientific and pedagogical activity;
  • state control and supervision in the field of education. Responsibility for violation of the legislation on education.


  • Sergey Abramov – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Legal Support of Market Economy, RANEPA.
  • Vladimir Zaitsev – Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of the Center for Economic Justice, RANEPA.
  • Alena Zaitseva – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Actual State Counselor of Justice of the Russian Federation, 3rd class.
  • Alexander Kononenko – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of the Educational and Methodological Center, Associate Professor of the Department of Project and Program Management, RANEPA.
  • Sergey Kurov – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Support of Market Economy, RANEPA.
  • Svetlana Petrova – Researcher at the Center for Economic Justice, RANEPA.

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