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40.00.01. Jurisprudence


Protection and implementation of the civil rights of the owner of the property complex

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Key topics of the program:

  1. The procedure for protecting the civil rights of the owner of the property complex. Administrative and judicial aspects.
  2. Unauthorized construction. The practice of applying legislation to protect the interests of the owner of a land plot.
  3. Public easement. Application of legislation with maximum effect for the parties.
  4. Real estate appraisal of property complexes.
  5. Urban planning solutions in zones with special conditions for the use of territories (zones of linear objects). Best practices to increase the attractiveness of territories.
  6. Reservation, withdrawal and registration of rights to land plots for state and municipal needs. Withdrawal procedure, including for linear objects. Novels of legislation.

The result of the training: systematized knowledge in a practical plane for application in the human rights sphere; a comprehensive understanding of the ways and means of solving problems at the junction of land-property and town-planning aspects of legislation and law enforcement.

For heads of divisions of companies-owners of property complexes, state and municipal employees, representatives of state-owned enterprises, as well as for specialists familiar with land, property and legal issues.

Based on the results of the training, the RANEPA Certificate of Advanced Training is issued.

Tuition fee: 30,000 rubles.
Form of study: full-time with the use of distance learning forms from 10:00 to 13:00
Duration of the program: 5 days, 20 academic. hours
Duration of training: February 1–5, 2021



Olesya Yukhimenko

Olesya Yukhimenko

Director of Centre for Further Education.

Assistant Director of IPACS RANEPA

Phones: +7(499) 956-02-26, +7(926) 590-03-99



Competences and advantages


Valeria Titunina

Valeria Titunina

Management of municipal property, Leadership in the development of rules for land use and development of municipalities in the Moscow region in the Government of the Moscow region. Higher legal education (MFLA) and higher education in the specialization "Management" (RANEPA)

From 2019 to the present – Deputy General Director of LLC “Agency for Territorial Planning”

Program experts:

  • Tatiana Mikhnevich
    Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Law and Procedure, RANEPA
  • Vadim Medvedev
    Associate Professor of the Department of State and Legal Disciplines, IPACS RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation
  • Alexander Chernenkov
    Legal support of all types of urban planning documentation for the Federal State Budgetary Institution TsNIIP of the Ministry of Construction of Russia
  • Anna Malinnikova
    Deputy Head of the Department for Regulatory Regulation of Land Turnover, Department for Regulatory Regulation in the Sphere of Land Relations and Civil Turnover of Real Estate, Rosreestr
  •  Victoria Nosoleva
    Ph.D., Deputy Head of the Department for Appraisal of Immovable and Movable Property of TsNES LLC
  •  Ruslan Kurbatov
    Head of the Department of Spatial Planning, Research and Development Institute, Institute of Urban Planning and System Design
  • Dmitry Lantsov
    Director for Urban Development Policy of the Research and Development Institute of the Institute of Urban Planning and System Design

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