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41.00.01. Foreign Regional Studies


Analyst of international and regional processes

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The Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Management of IPACS announces recruitment for the pre-master training program “Analyst of International and Regional Processes“.

Training on the program will allow you to master a new type of professional activity in the field of administration of diplomatic relations of government bodies, business organizations and public organizations of the Russian Federation with representatives of the respective countries and regions of the world.

The document IPACS upon completion of training is the RANEPA Diploma of Professional Retraining.


  • Tuition fee: 120,000 rubles.
  • The nearest period of study on the program is from 24.02.2021–29.05.2021
  • Classes are held on Wednesday, Friday from 19.00 to 22.10
  • The place of the training is 82 Vernadsky Ave. (m. Yugo-Zapadnaya); remote participation in real time is possible.
  • Final Attestation – Analytical Research Defense


Competences and advantages


Training on the program will allow:

  • Obtain a new additional professional qualification “Analyst”,
  • Carry out professional activities in the field of organizational and communication activities to ensure diplomatic, foreign economic and other contacts with foreign countries and regions.
  • Prepare for master’s studies and successful passing of exams in the areas of preparation of a group of specialties 410000 Political sciences and regional studies (“Foreign regional studies”, “International relations”, “Oriental studies and African studies”, “Political science”, “Public policy and social sciences”, etc.).


  • the main trends in the development of key integration processes of our time, the directions of policy of foreign countries, the peculiarities of their diplomacy and relations with Russia;
  • laws and other regulatory legal acts in the field of analytical activities;
  • the procedure for developing practical recommendations;
  • methods of collecting, evaluating and analyzing information.


  • drawing up a program of analytical research and its implementation;
  • maintaining databases on various aspects of the socio-political and economic development of foreign countries and regions;
  • presentation of research results and information visualization.

Become competent in matters of

  • organizing and conducting analytical and methodological support of research work;
  • expert assessment and analysis of the information received,
  • development of practical recommendations;
  • preparation of the necessary reporting documentation.


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