Bachelor’s degree

38.03.04. State and municipal administration


Spatial development administration (multidisciplinary baccalaureate)

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The program is realized at the Faculty of Public administration of Economics under the multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree “Regional management and territorial development“.

Program description

  • Trains specialists in the field of Economics, Management and Regional studies in accordance with the needs of labor market
  • Provides for state and public demand for specialists with multitasking way of thinking
  • Allows to choose a professional specialization and change the direction of education during two courses of study

Entrance examination (based on Russian unified state exam):

  • Russian language
  • History
  • Social Studies

Program and internship partners

  • Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council, The government of the Russian Federation, Federal agencies, regional legislative and Executive authorities and their representative offices, state corporations, Russian training associations, commercial and non-profit organizations, research structures, foreign partners
  • State, regional, and municipal governing bodies

Additional features

  • New training model for students
  • Project oriented training
  • Modular training system
  • Availability of courses to form professional competencies
  • Providing students with places of internship, including long-term pre-graduate practice in specialized organizations
  • Participation in scientific research conducted by the Academy and potential employers, opportunities for publications in scientific journals
  • Participate in training and study tours in the regions of Russia


  • 38.03.04 State and municipal administration territorial development Management (multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree)
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Competences and advantages


Graduates of the program have the following advantages:

  • a comprehensive knowledge of the Russian regions and the specifics of cross-border cooperation
  • assess the socio-economic potential of regional development and competitiveness
  • possibility to build socio-economic models and develop regional development strategies

Training outcome:

  • Knowledge of management tools and new management technologies
  • Possession of a wide basis of practical application of management technologies
  • Special management skills (urban studies, regulatory impact assessment, control and supervision, etc.)

1–3 semesters. General modules of the curriculum

  • Business communication
  • System and critical thinking
  • Introduction to professional activity
  • Economic, mathematical, and information management subjects

4–8 semesters. Core subjects of the curriculum State and municipal administration

  • State and municipal service
  • State and municipal social policy
  • Electronic technologies for providing public services
  • E-government
  • The adoption and implementation of managing decisions
  • Socio-economic analysis of the region’s development
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of state and municipal projects and programs
  • Management of state target programs
  • Management of territorial development and urbanism
  • Management of innovative territorial clusters
  • Political analysis and forecast, modeling of political processes
  • State regulation of migration and demographic processes

* It is possible to take part in various international programs.
A complete list of foreign partners and our possibilities you can find
at the following link.

Svetlana Shevchenko

Svetlana Shevchenko

Program Director

Associate Professor of the Department of public Economics and Finance .
Zhanna Ivanova

Zhanna Ivanova

Program Tutor

1st category specialist of the faculty of state management of Economics .
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