Bachelor’s degree

38.03.01. Economics


Financial control and public audit

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The program is implemented by the Faculty of public administration of Economics.

The higher education program “Financial control and public audit “is one of the best undergraduate programs at the Academy in the field of Economics. It is aimed at acquiring fundamental economic knowledge and practical skills in expert-analytical, audit and control activities.

The program was launched with the support of the management of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation in 2013. It is aimed at training a new generation of economists who project their future as professionals-managers in the field of Economics and Finance, strategic state and corporate governance, regional socio-economic development; it is aimed at acquiring fundamental economic knowledge and practical skills in expert-analytical, audit and control activities.

You can learn a second foreign language (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Czech).

Admission is based on secondary General education based on the results of the Russian unified state exam (mathematics (profile), Russian language, social studies) evaluated on a one-point scale, and (or) on the results of entrance tests conducted by the Academy independently. On the basis of secondary professional or higher education – based on the results of entrance tests.

Our applicant projects his future as a professional leader in the field of Economics and Finance, strategic public and corporate governance

Competences and advantages


Competitive advantages of the program:

  • Current training profiles.
  • Traditions of training personnel for authorities. Teachers with many years of experience working and interacting with government and commercial organizations.
  • Long-term cooperation with state financial control bodies and commercial audit companies that perform control functions in various sectors of the economy.
  • Student laboratory at the Central Federal district of the Bank of Russia. Participation in research work under the guidance of practical teachers, scientific consultants, doctors and candidates of science, tutors from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  • The possibility of academic mobility in European universities.


Graduates of the program possess the following competencies:

  • Cultural competence associated with ability to analyze socio-economic issues and processes taking place in society, and to predict their development in future; to prepare analytical information for making organizational and managerial decisions; have a high motivation for professional activity; to speak a foreign language at a level sufficient for solving professional tasks.
  • Professional competencies required for conducting analytical activities in the field of financial control and state audit using modern domestic and foreign tools for collecting and processing financial, accounting and other information; possession of modern technical means and information technologies for calculating and justifying economic indicators that characterize the activities of economic entities.
  • Special competencies that allow you to master international standards for auditing activities, taking into account the modern system of requirements for the quality of public and corporate governance.


About the Department of theory and practice of state supervision of IPACS RANEPA


The Department of theory and practice of state control of the Faculty of state management of Economics of the IGSU Ranepa was opened with the support and direct participation of the management of the accounting chamber of the Russian Federation on January 22, 2013.

The head of the Department is Valery Goreglyad, doctor of Economics, Professor, Chief auditor of the Bank of Russia.

The Department provides the educational process and is a graduate in the field of training 38.03.01 Economics, focus (profile) Financial control and state audit.

The activity of the Department, as an academic division, is determined by the need to train professional specialists based on the integration of knowledge in the field of financial management and audit, financial controlling, investment management and the growing interest of financial and control bodies of Executive power, large corporations, audit companies to young specialists in the field of financial control and state audit.


  1. Central Bank of the Russian Federation Federal
  2. Treasury of the Russian Federation
  3. The Federal customs service
  4. Federal Antimonopoly service
  5. Inspections of the Federal tax service
  6. Federal financial monitoring service
  7. The government of Russia
  8. Financial bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation
  9. Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation
  10. Ministry of labor and social protection of the Russian Federation
  11. Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation
  12. Committees of The state Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
  13. State and commercial internal control and audit services
  14. Audit firms and national professional guilds

* It is possible to take part in various international programs.
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Mikhail Polozkov

Mikhail Polozkov

Program Director

Doctor of Economic Sciences. Professor.
Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance of the public sector .
Valery Goreglyad

Valery Goreglyad

Scientific consultant

Doctor of economics. Chief auditor of the Bank of Russia.
Head of Department of Theory and Practice of Government Control.
Zhanna Safonova

Zhanna Safonova

Tutor of the program

Director of the program of the faculty of public administration of Economics .
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