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38.04.04. State and municipal administration


Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises

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 Master’s Program «Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises» (presentation)

The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration as the largest University in Russia provides the choice of the professional growth trajectory and offers a wide range of educational programs: managerial, economic, legal, humanitarian.

The Master’s Program “Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises” is implemented on the platform of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) – one of the largest institutes of the Academy, activities of which are focused on training of managers and managerial elite for the system of State and Municipal Management and business personnel for Corporations.

The Master’s Program “Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises” creates opportunities for career and personal growth, business networking with representatives of Russian and foreign companies, public authorities. Our graduates hold positions in state and municipal administration bodies, private companies, and government organizations.

The mission of the Master’s Program “Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises”: training managers with the state mentality, promotion of positive change in business and public life of the country on the basis of the educational program of a new type, integrating cutting-edge science and practice in relations between the state, business and society in Russia and the world.

The program objective is training managers with the necessary competencies for high-quality professional on the basis of public service and ownership of modern technologies and management mechanisms for work in the departments and agencies of the economic profile, development institutions with state participation, state-owned companies and large corporations. The logic of the program focuses on the optimal combination of research and practice-oriented component of training of graduates able to work effectively on the basis of public mentality, the latest achievements of science and practice in the field of interaction between the state, business and society.

The Master’s Program is designed for bachelors and current employees of administrative and economic services of enterprises and organizations, state and municipal agencies aspiring to build a successful career in the field of management and administration and make more effective managerial decisions.

Students acquire professional knowledge of theory and practice of economics, law and governance, including state and municipal administration, and develop skills for management on the basis of modern technology. Seminars, trainings and round tables are held with the purpose of studying global best practices and experiences of leading European companies and enterprises that enables its graduates to increase their competitiveness.       

The educational process involves the best teachers of the Academy, from the leading Russian and foreign universities, which are our strategic partners, as well as Russian and foreign experts-practitioners with international experience.


Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)

Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) 

In the modern, dynamically changing conditions of global, social and economic development and mutual information space formation, one of the country’s key competitive advantages are trained, highly skilled managers who are professionals, capable of dealing with complex, non-standard, organizational challenges, making the right administrative decisions in conditions where time and information are short, relying on extensive knowledge and international experience.

In this regard, the mission of IPACS is to prepare highly professional managers for the civil service and business structures, people who have the necessary level of knowledge, competence and skills for active participation in the decision-making process in the political, social and economic spheres of the Russian Federation. For the achievement of this task, the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (IPACS RANEPA) is developing in accordance with the following principles:

IPACS RANEPA is an innovative educational center which trains a new generation of professional managers who are in demand in both the civil service and business structures.

IPACS RANEPA is an international institute, where Russian teachers along with professors from the world’s leading universities give lectures to students from different countries. The Institute is studying and accumulating international experience of state and corporate government, as conditions for integration into the global educational community are formed.

IPACS RANEPA is a scientific and research institute. On the orders of public and private corporations, it analyses worldwide transformations in managerial technologies and methods and prepares expert opinions on how to adapt the best foreign practices to meet Russian requirements.

IPACS RANEPA is a business center, allowing people to exchange experiences, establish new relations, form favorable partnerships between the state, business and public organizations and promote the development of contacts with the foreign business community.

Master’s Program “Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises” 

Master’s program «Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises» in the field of study «Public and municipal administration». The Master’s program qualifies graduates to work in state and municipal institutions, public sector organizations, international organizations, non-profit organizations, different analytical structures. A distinctive feature of the program is to attract public administration practitioners to the teaching process. There are lecturers-developers of the legislation on the civil service and administrative regulations, experts responsible for analytical support of the work of the federal and regional authorities.

Head of Master’s Program

Alexander Yakovlevich Bystryakov, Head of the Faculty of Public Administration of Economics, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Economy and Finance of the Public Sector, Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

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Competences and advantages

Features of the Master’s Program

  • The master’s program prepares graduates to work in state and municipal institutions, public sector organizations, international organizations, non-profit public organizations, different analytical structures.
  • The feature of the program is to attract practitioners of public administration for academic process.
  • Among the teachers of the program – legislators, representatives of executive authorities of different levels, experts responsible for analytical support of federal and regional executive authorities, heads of the large state and commercial organizations, municipal and public structures.

The training is aimed at forming the following professional competences of graduates:

  • possession of creative system and socially-oriented thinking, the ability to analyze challenges and opportunities in their relationship, to develop organizational and managerial decisions and to implement them.
  • knowledge of modern methods of system management and financial analysis and modelling socio-economic processes, the skills of their application in practice.
  • ability to work with different kinds of knowledge and information, domestic and foreign scientific literature and to conduct independent applied research problems of socio-economic development.
  • ability to analyze actual problems on the basis of modern achievements of economic and management science to form theoretical and applied models based on qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • knowledge of a foreign language necessary for professional activity.
  • The study comprises applied aspects of realization of modern approaches and innovations in public policy management; interactive forms for developing skills of application of modern management tools, based on the integration of models and mechanisms of public and corporate governance, as well as the definition of forms and methods of implementation of the interaction potential between levels of government and management, between government, business and civil society institutions.

Core competencies of graduates:

  • ability to solve problems of interaction between government, business and society with the purpose of development and formation of a new quality of state and municipal management.
  • possession of professional communication, the ability to provide internal and external interaction.
  • knowledge of modern approaches for the assessment of property of state (municipal) organizations for the effective asset management of the public sector.
  • ability to develop project evaluation objects with different forms of ownership to increase their investment attractiveness;
  • ability to apply mechanisms for strategic planning, current economic and financial methods for the solution of management problems in various sectors of the economy.

The Master’s Program aims to cultivate leadership qualities of its students, organize the acquired knowledge, and develop new professional competencies, qualifications, and skills in the field of state and municipal management.

Student life

Students participate in scientific seminars and conferences focused on current issues of state and municipal management and the development of public-private partnership 


The Alumni and Students Club of the Institute for Public Service and Management of the Russian Academy of Science is an open platform for the support of relations between alumni and students, the possibility of sharing experiences, as well as realizing the professional, scientific and creative potential of graduates. Membership in the Club gives a link to Alma Mater, the opportunity to always be aware of the current activities of the university, events of the Academy and participation in them.

The Graduate Club of IPACS RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation provides:

  • Wide range of professional contacts
  • Current news of the Academy and the opportunity to participate in landmark events, such as the Gaidar Forum, Summer Campus in Kazan, alumni meetings, IPACS Festival and much more
  • Access to exclusive and private information posted on the site, incl. base of vacancies and summaries of applicants, selection of students for internship
  • Discounts for additional professional education programs of IPACS
  • Chance to become a sponsor of Alma Mater projects
  • Possibility of free participation in seminars and conferences held on the basis of IPACS, as well as the Academy, covering a wide range of professional interests
  • Opportunity to organize their own events (presentations, master classes, trainings, meetings) on the site of IPACS

 Program Overview

38.04.04. State and Municipal Administration.

Specialization Profile – Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises.

Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises is a type of administrative activity aimed at achieving specific goals of economic efficiency. It is important to make rational management decisions for a modern leader to achieve goals in various industries and economic spheres, both in the private and the public sector.

The Master’s Program is designed for Russian and foreign citizens aspiring to build a successful managerial career in federal and regional public bodies, municipal authorities, state and municipal organizations, state-owned corporations, business enterprises, international organizations, etc. The program comprises core modules, optional modules, business games, training sessions, scientific research work.

Academic Personnel

includes leading experts in the field of human resources, management and leadership, management of state and municipal organizations and enterprises, the authors of textbooks with vast practical experience and background in management; external professionals working for state and municipal administration bodies.


Professional activities of graduates include:

  • State and municipal management
  • Management of state institutions and enterprises
  • Management of municipal institutions and enterprises
  • Management in the social sphere
  • Management of non-profit organizations
  • Business management

Qualification Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Specialist degree
  • Master’s degree

Academic Credentials Conferred

A nationally recognized certificate of higher professional education (tertiary-type A): Master’s Degree in State and Municipal Administration, specialization profile – Management of State owned and Municipal Enterprises, conferred by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

Class time

  • Full-time study (Monday – Friday);
  • Evening classes (four times a week on working days from 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm and two Saturdays a month from 9:00 am till 14 pm);
  • Part-time study (three-week modules twice a year).

Entrance Examination

One competitive entrance exam in the form of a written test evaluated on a 100- point scale in the core discipline of the chosen Master’s Program.

Document Submission & Start of Term

  • Full-time study – September
  • Evening classes – September
  • Part-time study – December


Compulsory part

  • Economy of public sector
  • Management in the social sphere
  • Business foreign language
  • Anticorruption policy of the state
  • State financial control
  • Theory and mechanisms of modern public administration
  • Information and Analytical Technologies of State and Municipal Management
  • Legal support of state and municipal management
  • Municipal management and local government
  • Personnel policy and personnel audit of organizations

Elective part. Obligatory disciplines

  • Mechanisms of economic development of state and municipal organizations
  • Management accounting and controlling in state and municipal organizations
  • Mechanisms of public-private partnership
  • The theoretical basis for assessing the property of the public sector
  • Management of public sector property

Elective part. Elective Disciplines

  • Economics of branch enterprises and organizations
  • Estimation of property in the public sector
  • Public-Private Partnership: Sectoral and Regional Features
  • State financial control
  • Analysis and diagnostics of financial and economic activities of state and municipal organizations
  • Investment Policy and Investment Infrastructure in Industry
  • Mechanisms of interaction between the banking and real sectors of the economy
  • Self-management
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Financial aspects of ensuring food security
  • Actual problems of the national economy
  • State Environmental Policy
  • Professional Ethics of the Civil Servant
  • State management of interdenominational and ethnonational relations
  • Budget system and fiscal policy
  • Institutional economy
  • Taxation of non-profit organizations
  • Leadership and leadership
  • Conflict Management

Elective. State (municipal) expenditure programs

  • Training Practice
  • Research work
  • Internship
  • State Final Examination
  • Master’s dissertation

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