Bachelor’s degree

38.03.01. Economics


Financial control and public audit. The educational double degree program with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France)

Phones: (499) 956-96-11, (499) 956-94-10, (985) 420-91-65


The programme is implemented by the Faculty of state management of the economy.

Modern management of the economy and territorial development of the country is directly linked to the state’s approaches to organizational management and financial control in the sphere of economic interaction of the state, public organizations and the commercial sector.


Full-time education: 4 years.

Admission is possible during the next admission campaign.

The cost of training: 320 000*/year**.

* the price is fixed for the duration of training; ** semester payments (2 times per year).

The budget places: no.

Basic documents: on request


Scientific adviser

Goregliad Valery Pavlovich, Doctor of Economic Sciences. Chief Auditor of the Bank of Russia. Head of the department of theory and practice of state control.

Program Director

Klemina Irina Evgenievna, PhD, Associate Professor. Associate Professor of the Department of nature management and environmental protection.

Curator of the program

Safonova Zhanna Nikolaevna, specialist of 1 category of Department of state management of the economy.

Competences and advantages

Financial control and state audit – two diplomas are available: RANEPA (Russia) and University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France).

New joint program of the ISSM is focused on training the young generation of economists with special knowledge in expert-analytical and control activities, who know the systematical methods of analysis and audit, and able to coordinate the functional units of the company and government in the management of economic activities, including public-private partnerships.

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