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38.03.04. State and municipal administration


Effective Public Administration

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The program provides unique opportunities to establish effective modern public administration system through development and implementation of modern management technologies based on the experience of previous generations taking into account the requirements of the rapidly changing modern world. The program is implemented by the Department of State and Municipal Administration, which has many years of experience in training highly skilled managers of new formation.

Profile objective: training of staff for the system of state and municipal administration (SMA) with the required competencies for implementation of professional functions.

Graduate degree: Bachelor in “State and Municipal Administration”.

Profile mission: training of managers capable of ensuring the organization and effective operation of state authorities and local authorities taking into account the requirements of legislation and the use of innovative management technologies.

Basics of study: study at the expense of the federal budget; contracted study.

Admission is carried out on the basis of the secondary education and Russian unified state exam results evaluated on a hundred-point scale (Mathematics (profile), Russian, Social Studies), and (or) based on the results of entrance tests conducted by the Academy independently. Based on the secondary vocational or higher education – on the basis of the results of entrance examinations.

A distinctive feature of the program is formation of skills to develop and implement effective public administration strategies.

Program Emphasis

  • New technologies to assess the effectiveness of public administration
  • Risk management, as an increase in the effectiveness of organization management along with the development of managerial, economic and general humanitarian knowledge and formation of relevant competencies
  • Significant legal training, which takes into account sharply increased scope of functions, related to law enforcement and preparation of legal documents in the system of state and municipal administration


Competences and advantages


Bachelor’s Degree Program – State and Municipal Administration “Effective Public Administration” is:

  • One of the most popular not only in the public sphere, but also in the sphere of business, organization and activity of political parties and public associations;
  • Higher professional education for those who focus on official activities in government and local authorities as well as work in commercial and non-profit organizations that interact with public authorities;
  • Formation of professional and personal competencies highly demanded in management activities;
  • Development of the ability to design and implement effective management decisions;
  • Assessment and development of key competencies in management – formation of project teams;
  • Adaptation program for the 1st course (cognitive and excursion quests based on metaphorical stories, series of business games focused on meeting and uniting teams, master classes for developing soft skills).

Graduate competencies:

  • Implementation of results-based management
  • Development and implementation of socially oriented projects
  • Management of the organization in the face of change
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of government projects and programs
  • Ability to apply correctly the rule of law
  • Ability to represent the interests of the state authorities of the Russian Federation
  • Effective organization of public services

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Maxim Prokoshin

Maxim Prokoshin

Program Director

PhD in law. Docent. Member of the Center for public Finance and tax law research in Central and Eastern Europe.
Associate Professor of the Department of legal regulation of Economics and Finance .
Lilit Gevorgyan

Lilit Gevorgyan

Tutor of distance-learning courses

Clerk of the faculty of State and Municipal Administration.
Kristina Makarova

Kristina Makarova

Tutor of the program

Specialist of the 2nd category of the faculty of State and Municipal Administration.
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