The research, scientific, methodological and expert consulting work traditionally take an important place in the activities of the Faculty, contributing to the preparation of highly qualified management personnel for the state, public and private sectors, forming centers for the development of competencies in all educational programs implemented at the Faculty, expanding the interaction with domineering and business institutions in the joint solution of topical problems of social and economic development, enhancing international cooperation and partnership in various fields.

Trends of scientific activity of the Faculty represent a broad spectrum of research in the various branches of science, which is one of the competitive advantages of the Faculty, along with a highly qualified professor and teaching staff, with a developed system of post-graduate training, cooperation with many Western universities and international organizations, active interaction with the authorities and business organizations in the research, expert and consulting fields.

Scientific and research activities are conducted by 120 PhDs, 3 academicians of the Russian Academy of Education, 12 deserved masters of science of the Russian Federation, 11 distinguished economists and lawyers of Russia at the Faculty. 94% of the teaching staff of the Faculty has a scientific degree, which is one of the highest among all the educational establishments in Russia.

Ten Dissertation Councils work at the Faculty which take theses to the defense on 17 specialties in various branches of scientific knowledge: the economic, legal, psychological, pedagogical, philosophical, sociological, political and cultural studies.

More than 100 master and doctoral theses are protected in these Dissertation Councils every year. The Faculty actively prepares scientific and pedagogical personnel. 396 postgraduates are being trained on the bases of 27 programs of a graduate school, implemented at the Faculty in the current year; 21 postgraduates are being trained taking doctoral studies, and 80 persons are attached as candidates for obtaining a scientific degree.

The results of research conducted at the Faculty are well represented in print publications. Thus, in 2013, the members of the Faculty published 63 monographs, 120 textbooks and teaching aids, 318 articles in journals from the list of WAC.

Annually the professor and teaching staff of the Faculty actively take part in the work of various scientific conferences, symposiums and seminars. In 2013 the stuff of the Faculty took part in the organization and holding of 450 scientific events (among them 35 were held abroad). The demand of the scientific potential of the Faculty is confirmed with the participation of its staff in the international and national programs, projects, grants and contracts. So, in 2013, 23 scientific and research projects ordered by various government and business structures were sold; 20 grants were made, supported by the international and local funds; software developments were fulfilled by the order of the Government of Kazakhstan, etc.

Recognition of the scientific structures of the Faculty with the professional community is demonstrated by participation of our stuff in the activities of the international and Russian scientific organizations and academies. For example, 83 persons are members of various academies, scientific and public organizations, including the Russian Academy of Education, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the International Academy of Acmeological Sciences, Russian Philosophical Society, the International Society of Comparative Law, Russian Medical Association, the Russian Society of Psychologists, the Russian Association of Political Science, Russian Scientific insurance company, the Russian Geographic Society, the International Association of Financial Law, the International Association of insolvency and crisis management, the Union social educators and social workers, the Euro-Sociological Association, the Union of Journalists of Russia, etc.

In various advisory councils involved 71 members of the Faculty, including: 3 persons are included in the advisory council of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), 4 persons are the members of the advisory board of the Russian Foundation for Humanities (RFH), 6 persons are experts of WAC.

The stuff of the Faculty are the members of the editorial boards of 48 journals, including “Social policy and social partnership”, “Civil Service”, “Social Science”, “Man and Work”, “Financial Business”, “The Economist”, “State, Religion , the church in Russia and abroad “,” Russian Journal “,” The World of Psychology “,” Akmeologija “,” Theoretical and experimental psychology “,” Vocational education in Russia and abroad “,” Cultural Issues “,” Innovation “,” Issues State and municipal management “,” Education and the Law “,” Management and Law “,” Russia and Germany “,” Accounting and taxation in budget organizations “, etc.

Each year the members of the Faculty are training at the Faculty of upgrading professional competences and internships. So, in 2013, 58 people actualized and developed their professional knowledge and skills, learning and gaining experience   in the European Court of Human Rights, in the European Parliament, in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, in the structural units of various Federal departments and agencies, as well as in large firms and companies.

The Faculty is actively publishing, providing editorial and organizational support logs “Civil Service”, “The state religion, the church in Russia and abroad”, “Social Policy and Social Partnership”, “Akmeologija”, which are included in the list of the WAC. Since 2013 the Faculty has begun publication of “Analytical review of CIGS”, which systematically reflects actual problems of Russia and profiles of the scientific research at the Faculty.

The further development of research, scientific, methodological and expert consulting activity is an integral part of the overall strategy of the Faculty and the Academy as a whole.


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