Centre for Business Communication and Sociocultural Expertise

Department of UNESCO

The Centre is a structural subdivision of the UNESCO Department of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

The Centre aims to provide a full range of services for extrajudicial and forensic cultural expert examinations for courts, law enforcement agencies, authorities, non-governmental enterprises and organisations, as well as individuals in arbitration, civil and criminal cases.

Phones: +7(910)452-10-65

Email: dkse@migsu.ru

Our services are needed when problems arise with the theft and valuation of antiquities, infringement of copyright of various cultural objects, preservation of cultural heritage monuments, distribution and production of pornographic materials, review of previously conducted studies, evaluation of social projects and programmes at federal, regional and municipal levels and many other situations that require the participation of a cultural expert.

For this kind of expertise we have gathered a team of experienced, competent and reliable expert professionals, who have the appropriate higher education, also the necessary expert training and practical experience. They help you to deal with your questions and problems correctly and effectively. In addition, we involve professionals in the relevant area of expertise who are active in the sector to which the object of the examination belongs. They pay special attention to the quality of the examination, compliance with the law, independence of the expert, objectivity, science, comprehensiveness and completeness of research.

The high level of professionalism of expert examinations, short deadlines, and an individual approach to each examination are the basic norms of the relationship with our customers.

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