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LLM Programme in International Business Law (Parallel Degree with the University of London)

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LLM-Program in International Business Law (Parallel Degree with the University of London) (параллельная программа с университетом Лондона LLM на английском языке)

Высшая школа правоведения Института государственной службы и управления рада сообщить, что наша новая параллельная программа  с университетом Лондона (City University of London) официально открыта для подачи заявок в 2020 году!

Стоимость обучения: 800 000 рублей за два года (РАНХиГС) + £9 579 (University of London). Также предлагаем конкурсные гранты.

Вступительные испытания: устное собеседование и письменный экзамен.

Чтобы зарегистрироваться на программу заполните следующую форму или напишите нашему директору программы Елене Даниленко – eg.danilenko@igsu.ru

Не упустите возможность получить бесценный опыт лучших мировых преподавателей, поднять свой уровень языка, учиться с лучшими, практика в области юриспруденции!

Проведение вступительного испытания на английском языке.

Компетенции и преимущества


The LLM Programme in International Business Law (Parallel Degree with the University of London) is an innovative program tailored to high achieving, working professionals. It is a fully English-language program, offering an LLM from the University of London, as well as a parallel Master’s degree from RANEPA. Our program combines study materials crafted in the world’s top ranked law schools with teaching by leading local and international practitioners. We teach in an ‘Executive LLM’ format accessible to busy lawyers and directors located not only in Moscow, but in any city across Russia and the world. We offer courses in in-demand subjects, use modern interactive and skills-based teaching methods, and include specialized training to help you pass tough Anglo Saxon exams. We are quickly becoming a hub for global conversations on the most cutting edge legal and business topics. Above all, this is a program for those who are searching for ‘something more’ from their education. Advance your career. Make new global connections. Discover a world of opportunity.


  • 2 degrees from top ranked British and Russian universities
  • Your choice of a full LLM or 2 shorter certificate options
  • Core courses in International Business Law taught entirely in English
  • Specialized support and training to help you pass the University of London’s challenging Anglo Saxon-style exams
  • Case studies, soft skills practice, Master Classes, round tables, and other interactive learning opportunities
  • International conversations on the most cutting edge Business Law topics and opportunities
  • A career boost, an exclusive global alumni network and an expanded worldview


Whether you are a high achieving young professional, a seasoned lawyer, or a business person seeking to better understand the law, our program is for you. Our program is especially popular among successful working professionals who desire the career boost an international degree can bring. Whether you are located in Moscow or in any city worldwide, our program is accessible to you through virtual learning technologies, and designed to work with and for you to advance your career.

If you are just starting out in your career, our program offers world-class knowledge to not only give you a leg up in your job search, but to broaden your horizons. Your career options will include law firms and work as in-house counsel, leading roles in government ministries, work in international organizations and even founding your own firm.

With degrees from two top legal jurisdictions and economies, you will be especially well positioned in the global marketplace. Above all, we teach you to understand the rapidly evolving 21st Century legal landscape, to be comfortable in the international arena, and to lead in any situation – to never wait for opportunity, but to create your own.



Admissions criteria: In addition to the University of London’s requirements we ask you to complete a written exam and interview with our RANEPA Admissions Committee

Contact: Please email us directly at  LLMLondon@igsu.ru and  eg.danilenko@igsu.ru

We are excited to meet you!