In the modern, dynamically changing conditions of global, social and economic development and mutual information space formation, one of the country’s key competitive advantages are trained, highly skilled managers who are professionals, capable of dealing with complex, non-standard, organizational challenges, making the right administrative decisions in conditions where time and information are short, relying on extensive knowledge and international experience.

In this regard, the mission of IPACS is to prepare highly professional managers for the civil service and business structures, people who have the necessary level of knowledge, competence and skills for active participation in the decision-making process in the political, social and economic spheres of the Russian Federation. For the achievement of this task, the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (IPACS RANEPA) is developing in accordance with the following principles:

  • IPACS RANEPA is an innovative educational centre which trains a new generation of professional managers who are in demand in both the civil service and business structures.
  • IPACS RANEPA is an international institute, where Russian teachers along with professors from the world’s leading universities give lectures to students from different countries. The Institute is studying and accumulating international experience of state and corporate government, as conditions for integration into the global educational community are formed.
  • IPACS RANEPA is a scientific and research institute. On the orders of public and private corporations, it analyses worldwide transformations in managerial technologies and methods and prepares expert opinions on how to adapt the best foreign practices to meet Russian requirements.
  • IPACS RANEPA  is a business centre, allowing people to exchange experiences, establish new relations, form favourable partnerships between the state, business and public organizations and promote the development of contacts with the foreign business community.
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