The students of IPACS of the total number of students of RANEPA *

  • 2011 year 9% 9%
  • 2012 year 14% 14%
  • 2013 year 20% 20%
  • 2014 year 24.4% 24.4%
  • 2015 year 21.6% 21.6%
  • 2016 year 20.4% 20.4%
* according to baccalaureate (Moscow)

The students of IPACS in areas of studies *

  • Public and municipal management 52% 52%
  • Economics 21% 21%
  • Foreign Regional studies 11% 11%
  • Journalism 7% 7%
  • Personnel Management 6% 6%
  • Regional studies of Russia 3% 3%
* according to baccalaureate (2016)


Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, postgraduate and doctorate courses, administrative and business education (MPA, MBA), additional education courses.


Announcements for enrollees, the dates of open days, the selection committee, instruction, recommendations, training courses, youth hostel, application for training, and others.


Educational portal, class schedules, exam questions, training materials, guidelines, session schedules, programs of practice, and others.


On November 17 was held a lecture by an Italian professor on the topic «Economics and politics of the European Union in the 21st century. Challenges and opportunities» for participants of «School for Foreign Affairs Newbie» («School for FAN»)

On November 17, was held a lecture for participants of the «School for Foreign Affairs Newbie» within the «Diplomacy» block. The project participants were introduced by Carolina Sikirinskaya, Head of International Cooperation Department IPACS. She welcomed the...

The final master class on the topic “Rules of business correspondence”

On November 10th, as part of a series of training master classes for IPACS InterClub participants, the final master class on the topic “Rules of business correspondence” was held. The speaker was Anastasia Belyakova, Chairman of the IPACS International Club. The event...


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