IPACS Presidential Academy students at the IV International Student Conference

March 29, 2024

Students participating in a special project of the International Cooperation Department of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Presidential Academy “School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” took part in the IV International Student Conference dedicated to academic interdisciplinary research. 

The organizers were Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok in collaboration with the Institute of Management of Southern Russia – a branch of the Presidential Academy.

Students from countries such as China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and others also spoke at the conference. In preparation for participation in the International Conference, students of the “School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” project were taught how to write scientific articles and were helped with choosing a topic for a presentation.

Students of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Presidential Academy shared their impressions of participating in this international event.


Mikhail Konov and Evgeniy Sharybin, 2nd year master’s students in the program “International Communications (with in-depth study of foreign languages)”, emphasized:

“It is very pleasant that we had the opportunity to participate in an international scientific conference. This is our first experience and immediately international. The idea of participation was proposed by the curators of the School of Young Internationalists. The topic of my article is devoted to the EAEU; interest in the organization arose a couple of years ago during the preparation of a project in which we examined in detail the mutual trade of the member countries of the association. This is more relevant now than ever, so we decided to deepen our research.”


Viktor Mostovoy, a 1st year student in the program “Effective Public Administration”, noted:

“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to take part in an international conference prepared with the participation of our Academy. There were many participants from different countries at the conference and everyone brought up very important issues related to education, economics, etc. for discussion. My goal was to collect certain statistics and information about various educational rankings and aspects that are used to produce the ranking, which in will ultimately influence the future student’s choice of educational institution. To get the best result, you need to approach the issue of education in advance. Study many aspects and remember that high numbers are not a dogma for better teaching quality. It all depends on the student in the end. The experience of participating was amazing, I hope there will be an opportunity to participate again in the future.”

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