Bachelor’s degree

41.03.01. Foreign Regional Studies


Management of international projects and programs. The educational double degree program with the University of Valencia (Spain)

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Management of international projects and programs
(Joint educational program with the University of Valencia (Spain)).

We invite You to get modern, high-quality and prestigious education in the area of «Foreign regional Studies».

Qualification: bachelor of foreign regional studies with knowledge of foreign languages.

The professional activities ‘ sphere: international organizations, public and municipal administration, organizations of all forms of ownership which need the comprehensive systematic information about foreign countries and regions, experts in organizational communication, analytical, design, organizational and management activities.

Full-time (internal) form of training 4 years.

Admission is possible during the next admission campaign.

The cost of training: 300 000*/year**.

* the price is fixed for the duration of training. ** semester payments (2 times per year).

The budget places: no.

Basic documents: on request.


1st year  

  • Foreign language.
  • IT (Informatics).
  • History of international relations and foreign policy of Russia.
  • The History Of Russia.
  • Educational environment (or for choice: Socio-psychological adaptation; Learning environment for individuals with disabilities; Life navigation for individuals with disabilities).
  • Foundations of mathematical analysis.
  • The foundations of regional studies.
  • Political geography of the country(s) of the region of specialization.
  • Russian language and speech culture.
  • Management science.
  • Physical culture.
  • Economic theory.
  • Elective courses for physical education.
  • The language of the region of specialization.

2nd year

  • Foreign language.
  • International law.
  • Sociology.
  • Theory of international relations.
  • Elective courses for physical education.
  • The language of the region of specialization.

3d year

  • Safety.
  • Foreign language.
  • Political science.
  • Elective courses for physical education.
  • The language of the region of specialization.

4th year

  • Foreign language.
  • The language of the region of specialization


Supervisor, program Director

Komleva Valentina V., doctor of sociological Sciences. General Director of NP «Institute of problems of political management», a member of the coordinating Council under the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on interaction with institutes of civil society.

Dean of the faculty of international studies and regional governance. Head of the Department of foreign regional studies and international cooperation. Professor of the Department.


The curators of the program

  • Maranova Zhanna Valerievna, specialist of 1 category of Department of state management of the economy.
  • Kindruk Svetlana Mikhailovna, specialist of Department of international studies and regional governance.

Competences and advantages

  • Two foreign languages at a professional level, highly qualified teachers, including native speakers.
  • Bilingual program: teaching courses in Russian, English and the language of the region of specialization (Spanish, Italian, German, French).
  • The opportunity to study in foreign universities, the program «double degree», the program for student academic mobility (student exchanges).
  • International certificates of foreign universities and business schools according to the profile of learning.
  • Providing students with practice places, foreign training.
  • Development of the author’s projects by students and programs of international cooperation in the framework of the curriculum.
  • Participation in scientific research conducted by the Academy and potential employers.
  • Joint training with foreign students.
  • The prospect of further training in Russian and foreign master’s degree.

We create conditions where every student has the experience of intercultural communication, studying and staying abroad is available. Our graduates know not only the theory but also the practice of international cooperation, they are able to develop and implement international projects and programs. We produce highly skilled professionals for international cooperation.

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