Lecture within the framework of the “School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” project for students of the IPACS Presidential Academy RANEPA

November 13, 2023

On October 26th, students of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Presidential Academy RANEPA attended a lecture by Lucia de Castro, a political scientist, a graduate of the double degree program of the IPACS Presidential Academy RANEPA and a foreign educational organization (Graduate of 2022), as part of the “School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” project. Lucia de Castro received a master’s degree in international security and participated in the Harvard Model UN on special political issues.

The topic of the lecture was a discussion of the geopolitical situation within the framework of the “Theory of International Relations” block. The speaker told students about the use of artificial intelligence in events that take place on the world stage. In addition, Lucia de Castro highlighted the issue of international humanitarian cooperation and the use of soft power in current political realities.

Students shared their impressions of Lucia de Castro’s lecture.


Viktor Mostovoy, 1st year student in the program “Effective Public Administration”, noted:

“It was very interesting to hear the speaker’s thoughts about the conduct of military operations and how technology is directly involved in this. The role Spain plays in the international arena has also given us reason to reflect and take a different look at the situation around us. I can’t help but I would mention the speaker’s amazing spoken English, as well as her intelligible presentation of her thoughts in a foreign language.”


Liliya Sokolova, a 2nd year student in the program “Politics and Law (with in-depth study of foreign languages)“, said:

“Lucia de Castro’s lecture captured the attention of the audience from the very beginning and held it until the end. The speaker covered the topic from different angles, providing listeners with a complete and deep understanding of the material. This lecture inspired me and made me want to learn more.”

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