“School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” IPACS Presidential Academy: lecture by an orientalist and specialist on Iran

February 19, 2024

On February 15th, a lecture by Farhad Ibragimov, an orientalist and specialist on Iran, was held at the IPACS Presidential Academy within the framework of a special project of the international cooperation department “School of Foreign Affairs Newbie”.

The lecture on the topic “Iran and sanctions: the impact on the global economy and Russia’s role in diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts” is devoted to an analysis of the situation in Iran, which is related to sanctions and their impact on the global economy and trade. The event examined the role of the Russian Federation in diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict around Iran, including participation in international negotiations and the search for compromise solutions.


Farhad Ibragimov, speaking about the historical aspect of the conflict in the Iranian region, especially emphasized:

“The Iranians highly value their foreign policy and political independence in general. Sanctions, isolation from the Western world, disconnection from payment systems – all this does not in any way affect the ideology that ensures the preservation of their national identity, culture, traditions, and way of life.”

Students participating in the “School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” project were able to study in more detail the geopolitical aspects of this conflict, economic benefits and losses for various countries. The speaker, together with the students, identified the prospects for the development of the situation and possible scenarios for further actions on the part of all parties to the conflict.

Students who attended Farhad Ibragimov’s lecture shared their impressions of the event.

Polina Posukhova, a 1st year student in the program “Regional Politics and Regional Management”, noted:

“I was very glad to attend a lecture on such a topic! Important issues concerning both the past and the present were highlighted. It was also interesting to compare the situations in Iran and Russia. This is relevant and important for my future profession. I thank Farhad Ibragimov for visiting the Academy!”

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