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38.04.03. Personnel administration


Personnel Career Management

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The program is implemented by the Faculty of state economic management

Experts estimate that almost half of Russian employees in the real economy, social sectors and public service institutions do not fully reach their physical, mental and intellectual potential gained at universities, in workplaces, families, etc. As a result — significant loss of material and moral character for the person as well as for the enterprise where he/she works, for the region and the country as a whole. It includes low salaries for the personnel, slowing growth in business careers, drop in output of products and the quality of services provided to the population with all that it implies.

The main reason for the situation mentioned above is lack of proper motivation, which is key to the personnel management system. Only increased employees’ interest in the final results of their labor along the “smart path” of career development, “wise” organization of payment and working conditions, just payment of bonuses and dividends, creating a comfortable micro-climate in the team and consequently reaching the level of truly effective system of motivation of staff – can ensure the modernization of the economy,  the required innovative social and economic development of society and high European standards of life for the Russians.

Management personnel should be able to make the employees of enterprises, organizations and institutions of all economy sectors, social sphere and public service interested in the results of their work, they have  to be able to harmonize the interests of labor, capital and power. This is  key to success in a competitive market environment. But this is also an art, which will be acquired by students of management and Master’ Degree students in the process of implementing the masters’ educational program “Management of motivation and business careers of personnel”, in the “Personnel management” field of study.

Entrance test: an exam in the format of a test in the profile discipline on a hundred-point scale system.


Competences and advantages

Competencies and Advantages
The program is based on the third generation of FSES HPE and on the experience of educational, scientific and practical work of the Department of labor and social policy of the Academy in the field of personnel management, labor economics, motivation problems and labor stimulation. It includes two areas of specialization at the student’s option, which take into account motivation and career peculiarities of personnel both in the organizations of real economy and in the social sphere and in the public service.

The following types of classes are used in the education process: lectures;case studies;workshops;role plays;training conferences;brain attacks, etc.

Possible internships (practices) abroad: Germany, Norway, Canada and other countries.

A distinctive feature of the competence of the program graduates is and ability to provide powerful motivation and drivers for the personnel and to use them for achieving the required end results by means of: payroll management;business career;development of social policy;regulation of social and labor relations.
A graduate of the program is able to form and implement in practice the principles of social partnership and social responsibility based on harmonization of the interests of employers, employees and the state in the systems of motivation and labor stimulation of personnel.

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