Expert discussion of Trianon dialogue Russia-France: new educational technologies

January 15, 2019

Russian-French cooperation in the field of education and science is characterized by big number of joint educational programs, student and academic exchanges, of joint scientific projects. The projects of strenghtening of university positions in international educational space, including project of development of educational export are realized in both countries.

Network projects, including Russian-French university, founded in 2016, represent effective form of international cooperation in education. In 2019 will take place Russian-French forum of civil society «Trianon dialogue» where the problems of various levels of education will be central.

The dialogue as a new form of interaction and cooperation of our countries was initiated in 2017, May 29 by Presidents of Russia and France and is now a new framework of contacts at the level of civil society and also at the level of professional communities involved in development  of bilateral relationship.

Problems for discussion:

  • Network forms of university cooperation in science and education: perspectives and limitations.
  • Scientific and student mobility: virtual mobility as an alernative?
  • New technologies and IT in education as necessary conditions of transition to digital society.



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