“School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” IPACS RANEPA: lecture by Professor Vasily Koval “Priority directions of foreign policy of the Russian Federation at the present stage”

March 25, 2023

On March 17th, a lecture by Professor Vasily Koval on the topic “Priority Directions of the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation at the Present Stage” was held within the framework of the “International Law” block for the participants of the School for Foreign Affairs Newbie, IPACS RANEPA.


Vasily Koval – Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Regional Studies and International Cooperation of the Faculty of International Regional Studies and Regional Administration of the IPACS RANEPA. Vasily Koval worked in various diplomatic positions in the central office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. He has extensive experience working abroad, including as a Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Sweden, Consul General of the Russian Federation in the cities of Kirkenes (Norway) and Haifa (Israel).

The speaker spoke in detail about the role of foreign policy, about the features of the modern development of international relations, touched upon the acute topic of the new bipolar world, and discussed the topical issue of transforming the world order.

Vasily Koval noted:

“The modern foreign policy should be aimed at turning states into a global system, strengthening their role in world politics and forming new international agreements that will develop multipolarity, respect for the interests of all members of international relations.”


Angelina Konina, a 3rd year student in the program “Spatial Development Administration”, noted:

“At the lecture by Vasily Koval, we raised topical issues related to foreign policy, modern economic and political theory. The professor explained how to influence the trade and economic relations of the country in modern realities. It was interesting to hear the professor’s opinion about when the sanctions were initiated. We also touched upon the methodological aspect of sanctions and policies in this period.”


Polina Petukhova, 1st year student in the program “Politics and Law”, said:

“Professor Vasil Koval’s lecture was informative and rich in examples from professional and personal experience. I really liked that he discussed with us issues related to the foreign policy of our country. In general, attending a lecture by such a person who has vast experience in international activities is a great opportunity.”

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