A master class on Chinese fan dance took place at the IPACS Presidential Academy

February 20, 2024

On February 16th, the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (IPACS) of the Presidential Academy hosted the next event of the project “Russian-Chinese dialogue: prospects for cultural, scientific and educational cooperation”, implemented by the Scientific and Educational Center “Civil Society and Social Communications” in collaboration with the UNESCO Department and the Department of Language Training of Public Administration Personnel of the Faculty of International and Regional Research, the International Cooperation Department of IPACS and the Russian Cultural Society.


“The art space of the Presidential Library suggested a new format for the project – the inclusion in the evening program of a master class on the art of origami – the creation of red New Year’s Chinese lanterns, in the preparation of which the master’s student of the program “Management in the Sphere of Culture, Education and ScienceNatalya Andreichenko and the master’s student of the program participated “Producing and creative industries” Irina Talaeva. Involving students in the active creation of beauty created a delightful atmosphere of celebration and magic,” project co-director Olga Astafieva, director of the scientific and educational center “Civil Society and Social Communications”, professor of the UNESCO Department of the Presidential Academy, shared her impressions.

The active participation of IPACS students studying Chinese in extracurricular forms of cultural and educational activities is a modern format of practical immersion in the cultural environment of the country, ensuring that students reach a new level of language training. When professionals – teachers who have lived in China for many years – talk about this, it is especially pleasant. IPACS master’s student Daria Shamyanova, who teaches at the Sirius Educational Center, shared with the evening participants a photo album about the New Year celebration, expanding their understanding of the values, norms and customs of China.


“We have developed a beautiful tradition of celebrating the New Year according to the Mongolian-Buryat calendar and the Chinese New Year. But this year we prepared a literary and poetic part with performances by students Olga Samsonova, Anastasia Volkova, Alexander Lyukmanov, which was supplemented with an interesting review of feature films about the celebration of the New Year by Ksenia Mitrofanova and Daria Gorbacheva, as well as an interactive quiz. Nikita Salomatin conducted it cheerfully and with humor,” senior teacher Anna Kazakova and master’s student Vladislav Samoilov, the hosts of the evening, said about the evening’s participants.

We are confident that thanks to such events, students of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Presidential Academy can not only learn a lot about the culture of China and other partner countries of our Institute, but also gain new cross-cultural competencies and improve communication skills.

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