IPACS develops projects in the Asian market

August 22, 2022

At the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service were held a negotiation on the prospects for cooperation in the field of education and research projects with the representative of India – Mr. Kiranjeet Singh, CEO of Strategic Management Solutions and Director of Herbs N Spices Agro food Pvt Ltd.

During the meeting, acting Director of IPACS Ruslan Korchagin noted that the Indian market today is one of the fastest growing and, accordingly, promising in terms of implementing various project initiatives in the field of educational activities and training that are able to work in the Indian market and develop fruitful cooperation between countries.

“Cooperation with Asian countries is one of the priority areas for us, and we are ready to make additional efforts to promote joint initiatives. India is a country with a rich cultural heritage and traditions, which we must tell our students about to acquaint them with this huge and promising market,” he is convinced.

Ruslan Korchagin

During the talks, the main directions of joint activities were outlined. Karolina Sikirinskaya, head of the international cooperation department, suggested focusing on cooperation between Russia and India in the field of training highly qualified personnel for the civil service area, as well as young leaders in the field of entrepreneurship.

“It is very important to build up the professional competence of our students to work with the countries of the Asian region. Of course, we are interested in promoting cooperation and look forward to further joint fruitful work on a number of projects that are on the agenda today”.

Karolina Sikirinskaya

Dean of the Higher School of Law Oleg Zaitsev emphasized the importance of studying the differences in the legal foundations of Russia and India, emphasizing that jurisprudence is an integral part of the cultural heritage of countries and a necessary condition for the successful development of the national legal system of any state in the modern world.

After the official part, communication continued at the faculties. Thus, the head of the Department for Production and cultural policy, Lidia Kornilova, is sure that the cult cultural phenomenon of Bollywood is of interest for studying as part of the training of producers, and the director of the Digital State educational program implemented by the Faculty for State and Municipal Administration, Fyodor Polyakov, emphasized that the processes of digital transformation in India are striking in their scale thanks to the Digital India program and offered an exchange of experience in the field of training professionals for the digital state.

On behalf of the Institute, we would like to thank Mr. Kiranjeet Singh for his visit and fruitful meeting, as well as for several agreements reached for the benefit of the development of Russia and India.

Reference: Strategic Management Solutions is a leader in end-to-end supply chain management, strategic business development, creation of new alliances and joint ventures, and market analytics.

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