IPACS RANEPA took part in the competition «VII Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo»

December 12, 2022

The Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service took part in the annual film competition «VII Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo».

Members of the International student Club, the Russian-Italian Center and International Cooperation Department has been working on creating a video for two weeks.

The Russian-Italian Center IPACS traditionally participates in the festivals of the Italian project P.R.I.A. (Programma di diffusione della lingua italiana in Russia). This year the festival was dedicated to the theme of the academic world of Italian cuisine. Special emphasis was placed on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Members of the International student Club “IPACS InterClub” and Russian-Italian Center team in the person of Karolina Sikirinskaya (Deputy Director of the center) and Gianni Celestre (the center’s expert) participated in writing the script for the film. Aruna Dzhumasova, expert for international media policy of the International Cooperation Department was responsible for shooting and editing.

During the filming process, guys managed to practice using Italian language, get acquainted with Italian culture, learn a little more about the history of Italy. The students especially liked the creative activity during the writing of the script, and the very process of the game. The students shared their impressions of participating in this fascinating festival. In the process of writing the script, it was interesting to observe the Italian perception of the food theme, since Italians were present at the rehearsals.

Students of the Faculty for International and Regional Studies were at the film: Anastasia Yandutkina; Dmitry Borisov; Evelina Pershina.

Evelina Pershina stressed:

“It was a tremendous experience for me to participate in the shooting of the film. I played an atypical Italian grandmother who takes care of herself and constantly goes in for sports. Besides, it is very modern! Listens to trending music and speaks slang understandable to young people. It was great to learn some new facts about Italian traditions and how they have been preserved in our time”.

Dmitry Borisov noted:

“I really love Italian and study it with great interest. Participation in this film has become a good platform for me to practice pronunciation and translation. Besides, I was glad to work with the guys. They are almost professionals! We really made a great movie”.

Anastasia Yandutkina said:

“Despite the fact that I am in my senior year, such extracurricular activities are really worth doing. The guys and I tried to make a high-quality and interesting film that can accurately convey a piece of Italy. I’m sure we managed to do it, because the video turned out to be dynamic, lively and fun”.

Aruna Dzhumasova, clerk of the International Cooperation Department of IPACS told:

“Creating a whole movie is very interesting, it is necessary to think through the main and secondary characters, various storylines and much more. But it is even more difficult to shoot such a big project in another language. The students and I have definitely coped with this task. Each of us coped with his task perfectly, starting with the writing of the plot and ending with the final edits during installation”.

The members of the IPACS International student Club made every possible effort and made an interesting video, which was dedicated to the academic world of Italian cuisine. We are sure that such festivals and competitions can help students to unite and work more effectively on other joint projects.

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