IPACS InterClub: meeting of the “Speaking Club’s” participants in the direction “English language”

March 3, 2023

On February 15th, the first meeting of the “Speaking Club’s” participants in the direction “English” in the new academic year took place. The main topic was “Mental Health”.

“Speaking Club” is a promising project that has already united students of the IPACS RANEPA who want to learn foreign languages and constantly practice speaking. The meeting of the English Speaking Club was successful, the students managed to work on the topic “Mental health” in pairs, as well as discuss issues such as stress during tests and exams, ways to deal with stress and types of psychological assistance.

The conversation club was moderated by Gleb Yakimov, 2nd year student for the faculty of International and Regional Research in program “Public administration and legal regulation”. He suggested that the meeting participants play an intellectual game based on associations. The game format allowed all students to actively engage in conversation and use vocabulary on a given topic.


Gleb Yakimov emphasized: “The topic of the “Speaking Club” was really interesting to students, they all actively shared their opinions and discussed. Each participant was able to speak. The meeting was attended by guys who have been members of the club for several months, as well as new students. This makes me very happy as a moderator.”


Anatoly Konopako, a 1st year student for the faculty of Journalism in program “Sports Journalism”, noted: “Meetings of the Speaking Club left an exceptionally positive impression on me. The club atmosphere, the opportunity to present my ideas to the group and get the opinion of the participants seemed to me both refreshing and interesting approach to the practice of English. The flexibility of the meeting format pleases me now, and I look forward to seeing further developments in the future.”


Makarova Anastasia, a 2nd year student for the Faculty of International and Regional Research in program International Humanitarian Cooperation shared: “At the meeting of the Speaking Club we discussed the topic of “Mental Health” with other members. At first, we were assigned numbers, and in three sets we talked in pairs with almost every participant. It was an extremely interesting experience, because sometimes ones do not have the courage to participate in a general open discussion. The problems of that meeting helped to increase vocabulary, live communication helped to speed up the process of thinking, compiling complex phraseological units. An important part is the opportunity to meet new people who share common interests with you. All members of the club were very impressed, and I’m sure they, like me, look forward to participating again in future discussions of the “Speaking Club”.

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