Presentation of the International student club of IPACS Presidential Academy “InterClub”

September 22, 2023

On September 15th, a presentation of the IPACS International student club “InterClub” took place for freshmen of the Presidential Academy.

“InterClub” is an international student club with a creative international team founded to develop the international activities of IPACS, whose activities are aimed at developing international cooperation among youth communities; development of international competencies and intercultural communication skills; deepening linguistic skills; involvement of Institute students in international life.

During the event, the chairman of InterClub, a 4th year student in the program “Regional Policy and Regional Management” IPACS RANEPA, Anastasia Belyakova, told students about the history of this youth community, as well as about individual development tracks within the club and the opportunity to participate in special projects. The Chairman described in detail the structure of the Club, which consists of several main Blocks: socio-cultural, organizational, and informational. At the end of the presentation, all participants were able to pass a specially prepared test, thanks to which the basic skills and professional strengths of each of the students were determined, which made it possible to distribute students into specialized Blocks within the Club.


Anastasia Belyakova, Chairman of the International student club “InterClub”, spoke about how the event went:

“Our club has been operating for more than five years. During this time, we managed to implement several initiatives, turning them into successful annual projects: forums, conferences, festivals, international debates, teleconferences and much more. We want our new members not only to be members of the club, but also to take advantage of various international opportunities, participate in Speaking Clubs, the School for Foreign Affairs, the School for Buddy, the Open Lectorium and other projects, becoming active members of our large international team!”

The first-year students showed genuine interest and asked questions to the block mentors.


Alina Voronchikhina, mentor of the organizational block of the international student club “InterClub”, 2nd year student in the program “Management of International Projects and Programs” IPACS Presidential Academy, noted:

“I am very glad that the meeting with the first-year students was productive. The guys actively asked about the work of the club and outdoor events. I hope that we will be able to jointly develop the club and scale up the events!”

We are confident that freshmen of the Presidential Academy are committed to fruitful and active work in the International student club. We wish good luck to the new members of the International youth community!

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