Master’s degree

38.04.04. State and municipal administration


Public Relations and Media Policy

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The aim of this program is to prepare the students to work in Public Relations and Media Policy in the field of State and Municipal Administration .

We prepare highly qualified masters with the ability to solve specific problems that might occur in building a democratic legal federal state, the ability to form an effective system of interaction with the public bodies of the State (municipal) power and the corresponding integral system of the State (municipal) service. Our graduates will also own social technologies of media influence on a targeted audience, maintaining feedback with it in accordance with the personnel policy at various levels.

Entrance tests:

The entrance test is an examination on the core discipline.

Competences and advantages

At the end of the course, you will:

Obtain a diploma from one of the most famous universities of the country

Have the possibility to do an internship in the departments of public relations and mass media in state bodies, research institutions, other organizations;

Be able to go carry on studying and get a postgraduate degree (maybe even on a budgetary basis).

The graduates of this program will have the following skills:

The ability to understand the production and technical capabilities of information and communication activities in society, to form effective social connections and relationships between different communicants and  to have a media effect on a targeted audience.

The knowledge of the theory of information and communication, the principles of using integrated communications in local, regional and global processes, the organization of information and communication activities.

They will develop their communication skills, including special skills in the interaction of state and municipal employees with the population.

The ability to solve issues of development and implementation in the field of media.

They will have the skills to conduct representative sociological studies of the social environment and public opinion. They will also be able to analyze social interests, preferences, expectations of a targeted audience  in order to provide information and analytical support to the State and Municipal Administration.

The graduates will have the capacity to generate ideas, develop concepts for communication programs, manage communication campaigns, use professional knowledge to implement the principles of communicative skills.

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