Master’s degree

38.04.04. State and municipal administration


Education Management in Regions

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Education Management in Regions specialization in the State and Municipal Management field of study has been created for the purpose of regimentation of leading education management practices in the region, advanced professional training of highly-qualified human resources for practical activities in the sphere of education. The specialization is directed at the heads of educational institutions at different levels.

The purpose of the program: professional training of highly-qualified personnel for different levels of the education system.

The Program Objectives:

  • training managers possessing competencies required for carrying out their activities in  the sphere of education development;
  • regimentation of the best education management practices, their adaptation to regional peculiarities;
  • developing basic legal knowledge of the modern education system;
  • independent development of projects in the sphere of education;
  • providing balanced combination of theoretical and practical training of Master’s Degree students for solving the objectives of state and regional education policy.

On successful completion of specialized training  the graduates will receive their state Master’s Degree in the field of State and Municipal Management.

Entrance tests: examination in the format of a test in the principle subject on a hundred-point scale.

Competences and advantages

Competencies and Advantages

Master’s degree students’ category:

  • Representatives of executive government bodies of the Russian Federation constituent entities exercising administration in the sphere of education as well as  executives responsible for
  • education institutions,
  • executives of subordinate authorities,
  • executives in adult education centers and other executive categories.

Learning Outcome

  • development of professional and universal cultural competencies;
  • skills to evaluate international and Russian experience in education development and to apply it in practice;
  • skills to streamline leading education management practices in regions based on strategic methods of education development;
  • understanding of principles and priorities of state policy in higher, professional and adult education;
  • skills of monitoring projects and programs in education on federal and regional levels;
  • skills to develop projects implementing regional policy in education sphere, to carry out examination and evaluation of their efficiency;
  • knowledge of the legal basis of the present day education system;
  • knowledge of the state control instruments in the sphere of education;
  • skills to use current technologies in the sphere of education.

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