Master’s degree

38.04.04. State and municipal administration


Digital Nation (strategic development of information society)

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The program is intended to train managers possessing new competencies for effective performance in the digital transformation of the economy and the development of the information society.

Program Focus:

  • State as a service platform
  • Digital information culture
  • From strategy and tactics to implementation of digital technologies
  • Development of practical skills and management competencies in the administration of digital information and communication technologies in the public and private sectors.

Specific characteristics of the program:

  • Exploring modern trends in the field of digitalization of public administration and public life.
  • Practical focus – the disciplines are focused on the formation of competencies and skills of using modern information and communication technologies in managerial activities as early as in the learning process.
  • Balanced nature of the program. Together with the study of digital technologies and infrastructure of the information society, the program includes management, financial, economic and socio-humanitarian units.
  • Practical training in structural subdivisions of government authorities, as well as in state and non-state organizations, whose activities are directly connected with the digital transformation of society.

Entrance testing: an exam in the form of testing in the profile discipline on a hundred-point scale system.

Competences and advantages

Competitive advantages of the program:

  • Increasing demand for graduates of the program from public authorities, state-owned companies and corporations, commercial organizations, international companies
  • Absence of alternatives programs in the Russian and foreign markets
  • The program is based on the experience and recommendations of the best domestic and foreign experts in the implementation of digital technologies in government and corporate governance
  • Participation of practice-oriented teachers from the public and commercial sectors engaged in the process of development and implementation of information and communication technologies

Some of the competencies of the graduates

  • Application and promotion of digital technologies for the development of information society and formation of the national digital economy
  • Effective and systematic problem-solving skills in conditions of digital transformation and interaction of the state, business and society
  • Understanding of the digital economy ecosystem where the key to development is the digital presentation of the data
  • Strategic planning and digital change management skills
  • Leadership and human resources management in the context of digital infrastructure development and introduction of modern management technologies.

The Structure of the Program (thematic clusters):

  • Digital Technologies and Information Society Infrastructure.
  • Management and Strategy.
  • Economics and Finance.
  • The Individual and Society.

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