Master’s degree

38.04.04. State and municipal administration


Public Service and Personnel Policy

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In the last fifteen to twenty years the idea has been gaining ground in Russia that public service is a professional activity which requires not only general and special expertise, high-ranking loyalty and socialist (capitalist) outlook, life experience and personal charm, but also profound professional knowledge.
In the present-day system of state government functioning it is wasteful to employ a person who does not possess specialized administrative education, has no training in specialized master programs.

The program ‘Public Service and Personnel Policy’ has became one of the first such programs in Russia.

The program offers quality practice-oriented education, an essential part of which is internship and practice in the state government bodies, studying the new information technologies applied in management.

A distinctive feature of the program

An integrative nature of the program makes it possible for the graduate to apply for a wide range of official positions and ensures career development both in government agencies and in the business sector of the economy.

Competences and advantages

Competitive advantages of the program:

  • The unique faculty staff, business practice and the acting consultants.
  • Opportunities of practical trainings in the bodies of state and municipal authority, enterprises, non-governmental and political organizations.
  • Learning modern methods of personnel work by doing.
  • Personalized educational pathways, additional educational services.
  • Pro-active learning to develop promising competencies.
  • Interactive technologies of education.
  • The demand of graduates on the labor market.
  • Publications of graduate students in the annual collection of scientific articles (the Russian Book Chamber).
  • Contacts and communication in the amicable team of Master’s Degree students from Russia, the CIS countries and the countries far abroad.

Major competences of a graduate:

  • Managerial, analytical, communication skills.
  • Leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Management of change.
  • Implementation of innovative approaches.
  • Personnel security and anti-corruption mechanisms.
  • Modern practices of personnel work and management of the human capital.
  • Instruments of the strategic planning and project activity.

Program Bonus

  • Membership in the Masters’ Club.
  • Adaptation of graduates to the specifics of a state or municipal authority, enterprise and business structure.

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